Kick-off event arranged for 11 September

There will be a “kick-off” event on 11 September at the Maltings.

The aim of this event is to explain what Transition Towns are all about, and to provide an opportunity for anybody who is interested to join in.

After a short introduction we will be showing two short films. The first is called “The End of Suburbia” and talks about the effects that oil depletion and high oil prices are likely to have on the way we live. The second film is called “The Power of Community” and gives an example of what Cuba did to survive its “Peak Oil” crisis, when oil imports dropped by half following the collapse of the Soviet Union. (Click the links to watch a short trailer for each film.)

Everyone is welcome. The evening starts at 7:30pm (doors from 7pm) and will run until about 10 o’clock. Admission will be £5.

By the end of the evening you will:

  • Have a good understanding of what ‘Peak Oil’ is all about, and the impact it is likely to have on our way of life
  • Get a feel for the positive ways in which this apparent crisis can actually act as a catalyst to improve our lives
  • Be able to decide how much you would like to be involved in setting up and participating in Transition Town Farnham

If you want to invite other people you can download an event poster here and a handout here.

You can also use the other pages on this site to find out more about Peak Oil and the Transition Town Network.

We look forward to meeting you.

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