Baby steps forward

After an ‘interesting’ week on the financial markets, here is an update on what’s been happening in Transition Town Farnham:

  1. Transition Farnham was interviewed by EcoEthos magazine, for an article that will appear in November
  2. Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement, left us a note
  3. A new section has been added to the website: “Excite & Engage” will have links to what other transition towns are doing, plus details of the projects we are working on here
  4. The Farnham Herald published a piece about our Maltings event last week, based on this press release.
  5. On Thursday the BBC Radio 4 programme “You and Yours” had a short piece about peak oil (10 mins). A link to the mp3 download has been added to this website. (Thanks to Paul from FLFI for that.)
    Links to “Anti-Apathy” and “The Nag” have also been added. Plus “DoTheGreenThing” (see right sidebar).
  6. Everybody who said they wanted to get involved in making Transition Farnham happen have been contacted. The core team will now hold weekly meetings on either Mondays or Tuesdays (evenings), probably upstairs in The Barn (next to Woolworths), beginning on 29 or 30 September. Details will be confirmed early next week. All will be welcome.
  7. Transition Farnham has been invited to speak at the Farnham Local Food Initiative barbecue tomorrow, Saturday 20 September

This is the week that began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers bank and ended with the FTSE surging nearly 8% as the US government announced potential plans to solve the financial crisis. Meanwhile UK petrol prices have fallen 3p/litre as oil prices dropped to $89/barrel.

Does this mean that everything is fine, and there is no need to strengthen our local resilience to future shocks? Or are these merely the first attempts by the authorities to control the kinds of changes that peak oil and climate change will bring?

Here at Transition Farnham we believe that climate change and peak oil are real. Governments and others may be able to delay the changes that are coming. But by acting now to create and implement positive visions of the future we believe that we can not only increase local resilience to the changes that are coming, but also make Farnham a more enjoyable, prosperous, fun place to live.

FLFI will be selling more copies of ‘The Transition Handbook’ at Rushmoor’s “Green & Global Fun Day“, to be held in Aldershot on Sunday 5 October. Copies can also be bought (at a discounted price) through this website – see contact page.

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