On your marks…

This week began with the autumn equinox, and saw the Bank of England pump another £55billion into the credit market. George Bush warned of a “long and painful recession“, and some UK papers predicted a return to 1974 with possible power cuts this winter.

Meanwhile, here at Transition Farnham, we have been preparing for the task of making the town more resilient to these and other external factors.

The number of people wanting to be part of the core team has now grown to more than twenty, and we are eagerly looking forward to our first meeting on Monday evening. We will meet every Monday evening, from 7-8:30pm, upstairs at The Barn arts cafe (which is down the alley to the side of Woolworths).

Our first meeting will be focused on defining how we think Farnham might be affected by peak oil and climate change, and creating a vision of what we would like to happen instead.

All are welcome (to every meeting) and we will post the results of each meeting to the website. In that way the website will become an ongoing, living record and discussion, of what we think is important and why, and what we are doing about it.

As part of that, this week we have added two new pages to the website. The first is called ‘Excite and Engage‘. It will provide links to what people are doing in other Transition Towns, and to the initiatives we are starting here in Farnham. There is also now a Noticeboard page which allows anybody to post a message to the whole of the community.

That’s all the news for this week really. We continue to build links with the excellent Farnham Local Food Initiative, have held an initial meeting with the Centre for Sustainable Design (based right here in Farnham!), and have arranged a preliminary meeting next week with Waverley Borough Council.

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