Get set…

While the world’s financial crisis continues, here at Transition Farnham we have been working to define what we want instead, and how to make it happen.

Last week we looked at what we might want to do. This week we focused on how to make it happen.

We started with a practical demonstration of what it feels like to create change in different ways, and discovered that the best kind of change is when it feels like dancing. So that is how we are going to run Transition Farnham — to make it feel like we are dancing together, having fun.

We also asked ourselves: what are the times when Farnham is at its best, feels most like a community? We realised that it is at times like the torchlight procession on bonfire night, and the carnival in summer, when we close our streets, get out of our cars, and something very special happens.

So, we are going to make sure that Transition Farnham is about creating more moments like that.

If you want more details you can read them in the attached document… but in “other news” this week:

After only two meetings here in Farnham, the Transition team is already gathering pace. More than 50 people have now signed up to receive this newsletter (double the number 2 weeks ago). Side-meetings on various projects are  beginning to happen. And I know of at least two ideas for new, community-owned businesses that are starting to form.

At next week’s meeting (Monday, 7pm) we are likely to focus on:

  • what is our vision for the future of Farnham, and
  • what one action do we each want to take in the next 3-6 months to make that happen?

If you would like to attend, all are welcome.

Finally, and most importantly, Mary Hay is out of hospital and back at home.

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