In the wider world this week, the government’s latest rescue package seems to be working. But with Hungary and Ukraine now saying they need outside help to avoid the fate of Iceland, who knows what will happen next? Certainly Gordon Brown’s recent calls for companies to reduce the prices of energy and fuel seem to have a touch of the “King Canute” about them.

Here in Transition Farnham, we have been focusing instead on defining the kind of Farnham we want to live in.

We are all different people, and so we all have different perspectives, different approaches. But as we talked about our visions, we realised that there is a common theme that runs between us: a desire to strengthen the local identity of Farnham and regain control of our community’s destiny.

You can read more about our visions here, as well as see what action each of us is taking now, to bring our visions closer.

After only three meetings, the starting gun has fired and we are off!

In other news this week, we have added new links to the website, as well as posting the most fantastic, simple, uplifting video you are likely to see this year.

One of our members attended the Schumacher Conference in Bristol last weekend, and there will be a summary report from him next week.

And finally, highlights of the Transition Culture website this week include:

  • This BBC report on the Totnes garden share scheme, and
  • This short film about the recent gathering of Transition Scotland. I love the realness of the people who speak, as well as the final quote: “Transition is about people, empowering people so that they realise that they can take small steps themselves”

Have a great weekend.

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