Peak Oil, the Snake in the Loft, and the Chicken in the Greenhouse

This week has been an unusually travel-filled one for me, so the round up of the week is going to be a bit shorter than usual.

At our Monday evening meeting there were 18 separate agenda items that people wanted to discuss. We managed to get through them all, and laid out the topics for the next four meetings. You can see more details here.

Groups are now working to develop the agendas for those meetings, as well as working to see whether there is demand for a garden share scheme in Farnham. You may already know that this scheme was launched in Totnes, reported recently on the BBC, and is coming soon to your television screens via Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Autumn series on Channel 4. If you know anybody who would like to be part of a scheme in Farnham, do contact us.

Finally, I am going to hand over the rest of this newsletter to Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Movement.  He received the 2008 Schumacher award last week, and you can click here to read his most recent assessment of the economic/energy situation — a piece he intriguingly titled “Peak Oil and the Snake in the Loft“. It amazes me to realise that this is the very same man who earlier in the week was wondering whether it is possible to combine a chicken house with a greenhouse. Welcome to the wonderful world of Transition!

And enjoy your weekends.

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