All Hallows Eve Catchup

Welcome to another brief review of the week.

While you are reading it you might like to watch this video — a bit different from the usual mix of pumpkins and horror, I admit. But you might like to turn the sound off!

Monday’s meeting was a bit of a catch-up for us all. We discovered that Casper has returned from Japan engaged to be married, Nicci has signed herself up for two lots of Transition Training, and Sara reported back on the results of the visioning meeting.

Momentum is now clearly building within the team to start doing two things: engaging with other groups within the town, and starting to work on specific projects.

As an enabler for both these activities, Eloise has set up a discussion space for us on Google-groups. Discussions are now continuing between the meetings. Anyone who wants to join in is very welcome.

Finally, I’d also like to share with you some of the things they’ve been doing in Transition Town Totnes. The latest bulletin here covers food, energy, and the Totnes Pound (amongst other things). All of them increase the sense of community within the town, and its ability to survive the credit crunch. There’s no reason why we couldn’t have any of them in place in Farnham by this time next year.

Happy Halloween, and enjoy your weekends!

PS If you are planning to come to the meeting on Monday 3 November, please note that we will be in a different location from usual: the church of St Thomas in the Bourne, where we will be running an experiential workshop around Shakespeare’s Henry V.

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