Solar technology? Wow!!!

I feel like I want to ask Jeremy Clarkson to write this post.

He would probably say something like, “You didn’t think solar technology could be sexy, did you? … Well now it can!!”

This photo shows what buildings of the future could look like.

It has been covered with more than ten thousand of a new kind of “thin-film” solar cells: enough (in this case) to power nearly a thousand electric fires or 300 kettles. Certainly enough to keep the workers warm and provide them with cups of tea!

And it’s not in the middle of the Sahara Desert either. It’s in a place called Moers in western Germany, which is just a little bit further north than Farnham.

That means the technology would work for us as well.

I don’t know which buildings in Farnham we should cover with this stuff first. All I know is, I want some on my house!

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