A Week of New Beginnings

This has been another very busy week for all of us.

Our meeting on Monday was an experiential workshop that took us through the four key skills and roles essential to any successful project.

They are:

  • Innovation and Ideas: the ‘Medicine Woman’
  • Strategy and Planning: the ‘Good King’
  • Action and Implementation: the ‘Warrior’
  • Nurturing and Support: the ‘Great Mother’

The meeting helped us crystallise not only what has been happening in the group, but also where our individual strengths and preferences lie. As a result we are now clearer about what we need to do to move forward.

Since the meeting there have been numerous new messages posted in the discussion forum, and various other side-conversations and meetings have taken place. Action groups are beginning to emerge, focused around our first initiatives.

Our next meeting on 10 November will again be at St Thomas on the Bourne, starting at 7pm.

Of course, this was also the week when Barack Obama was elected President of the USA. Unlike GW Bush, Obama talks about what he calls his country’s “addiction to foreign oil” and describes it as “one of the most dangerous and urgent threats this nation has ever faced.” You can watch him make a speech about it here, and see links to the policies he plans to respond with.

This week also saw the unveiling of the world’s largest solar-power roof.

And Cian Duggan linked us to the ten google maps that show all the towns around the world where people are in the process of moving to Transition.

Finally, Rob Hopkins blogged about Letitia Lloyd and Celebrity Love Allotments. It seems the great urban agriculture revolution has now well and truly begun: not only is the Mayor of London creating 2,012 new food gardens across the city by 2012, but even the Blue Peter Garden is switching over to vegetable production.

For myself, this is finally going to be the weekend when I convert half my garden to growing vegetables. My kids have helped design it, and we are very excited about the mix of flowers and veg we are going to produce. Then some well-earned fireworks and hotdogs on Saturday!

I hope you have as much fun this weekend.

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