Plan from now to 2020

In last night’s meeting we crossed the threshold from ideas to action.

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In fact, some people have been working on initiatives for quite a while. But last night was the night when we pulled it all together, and summarised the key points from all our work so far into one overall plan.

We drew a timeline from now to 2020, and on the right hand end wrote our vision for what Farnham will be like in 2020.

At the one year point we wrote our vision for December 2009: “Everybody in Farnham talking about, and excited about, Transition!”

And then we added post it notes for each of the key initiatives we think needs to happen over the next 12 months, and over the next 12 years.

You can click below to see more details, photos, and to read the full list of initiatives.

The key points of our 2020 vision are:

  • Click to enlargeStrong Community
  • Less Travel
  • Footpaths
  • Exciting! Vibrant!
  • Choice, variety, diversity
  • Farnham Gardens are an abundant life force!
  • People want less, expect more, live simpler
  • Farnham is a global centre of excellence for sustainable living
  • Clean, quiet
  • Free to roam
  • We have regained the power to shape our own destiny/destinies

The actions/initiatives that will get us there are contained in this pdf file.

This is a first pass, and will change as we move forward. The people who could not make it last night will certainly want to add their views. But we are moving!

Finally, here is what we defined as important for how we need to behave in order to achieve all this:

  • Click to enlargeMake it fun — build sandcastles
  • Build relationships — raise awareness
  • Be inclusive — empower and help/support
  • Show examples (from other places) — start with small steps
  • Set examples (ourselves) — let people move at their own pace
  • We don’t have to do everything, we just have to nurClick to enlargeture it

Finally here are some more photos of the evening!

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One Response to Plan from now to 2020

  1. Casper Gray says:

    Great work everyone, well done – looks exciting! Sorry I couldn’t make it – I got held up after a meeting in London. See you next week. Casper

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