Totally Green Scooter

Next year Piaggio will be bringing out a “totally green” scooter.

It will do 141 miles per gallon, using a hybrid gasoline/electric engine, and using regenerative braking to charge the batteries when it slows down. The scooter can also be recharged efficiently from any wall socket.

Expect to see Jamie Oliver on one soon, no doubt!

In other news I have also heard rumours that at least one well-known Farnham resident is about to take possession of a solar-powered tricycle. More news on that one as the story breaks!

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2 Responses to Totally Green Scooter

  1. Thomas Lankester says:


    Nice though the Piaggio is (especially its turning stability) it is still a hybrid.

    I have been tootling around Farnham and district on full electric scooters for almost 5 years now (see

    Bit things have moved on so we now have third generation scooters such as the moped at
    I plan to post a review on this one next month.

    For faster, further range there is also the Vectrix (

    A number of other models with direct drive and light Lithium batteries are also available in the UK.

    So ‘dump the pump’ and bypass the jams!
    (now if only we had some electric charge points around…)


  2. Jacob says:

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