Transition in The Times

It is unlike me to put up two blogs in one day. But Transition Culture is carrying an article in today’s Times which I thought you would like to read.

The article talks about the 114 official Transition Towns there are around the world. When we held our film showing in early September the number was just 70.

It talks about how a district in Victoria, Australia has planted more than 150 trees in a bid to become the main “fruit and nut tree area of Geelong”.

It talks about how residents of Sandpoint, Idaho – “birthplace of Sarah Palin, who really wouldn’t approve” – are planning to build a local biomass-fired power plant. Surely as part of “the most wooded county in England” this would also make sense for Farnham?

It talks about a lot more, including how Totnes and Lewes already have their own currency and Brixton is planning to join them.

And it ends with a nice quote from a woman in Queensland, Australia: “Before, it all seemed so futile. What was the good in changing a few light bulbs? There are ice-shelves breaking off, for goodness sake! But when you know that more and more towns are coming online with Transition, and each has an army of dedicated volunteers, it seems much more do-able.”

This page on the Transition Towns website shows that there are now 792 communities gearing themselves up to become full Transition Towns. Farnham is one of them.

Happy reading.

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