Notes From Last Night

Click to enlargeA good meeting last night.

We updated each other on the projects we are working on, and as an experiment used the Henry V workshop to identify the stages that different projects are in:

  • Nurturing & connection:
    Connecting, especially with other groups
  • Ideas & Creativity:
    Brainstorming possibilities
  • Planning:
    Developing plans (really!)
  • Action:
    Implementing pilots and rolling out the finalised plans

For more details, including ACTIONS ARISING, click below.

Nurturing & Connection:

We agreed it would be good to maintain/develop links with the FLFI. The news is making it increasingly likely that we will need to feed the 38,000 people of Farnham from local sources sooner rather than later, so it makes sense to keep up to date with the FLFI’s plans and intentions in this area. Four or five of us are also members of the FLFI steering committee.

ACTION: Joyce to arrange for Susan Tavare to come and talk with us.

ACTION: Joyce to discuss arrange a visit of Transition Farnham to the Runfold/Crondall sites.

Ideas & Creativity:

Eloise is continuing to develop her ideas for possible avenues for sustainable fashion projects. She is also looking at developing a sewing skills course, as part of the ‘great reskilling’ that Transition will require. All help/input gratefully received.

Casper and Alex are continuing to work on the website and process.

We talked about the need for funding. Nicci and Emma Wells have already done some work in this area. We will need to come back to this.

Logo/Sticker: We agreed the need to develop a firmer logo.

ACTION: Everyone to send their ideas/suggestions to Casper. (casper [at] wax-rdc [dotcom])


Projects currently in the planning stage…

Tom and Cian are continuing to develop their prototype of a website that can record Transition Homes for Farnham. So far they have details of four (five?) houses from within the core team and ask the rest of us to submit our details.

ACTION: Everyone to send their postcode to Tom (la21 [dot] farnham [at] ntlworld [dotcom]) together with the results of the energy savings trust questionnaire, as circulated by Cian.

Finn briefed everyone about the interactive talk which he and Alex will be giving to 110 twelve year olds at Weydon School on 26 November. Hopefully this will be a pilot that we can roll out to many other schools and age groups in the area, spreading the message about Transition and exciting and engaging both teachers and pupils about the possibilities.

Finn has been invited to meet with the relevant Director of Waverley Borough Council on 24 November.

Rob is developing plans to set up a Community Supported Agriculture project in Bentley.

Nicci briefed us all about the visit that she, Tom, Alex and Finn made to Ed Baker at Surrey Community Action last Thursday. As an output of this we agreed that:

  1. We need to get public liability and legal costs insurance.
    ACTION: Robert to arrange this as soon as possible
  2. The legal structures under which we could incorporate are complicated and it is best to wait until this time next year before looking at this again. We will then be more clear about what we want to achieve, and what structure would be most appropriate.
  3. We need our own bank account
    ACTION: Eloise to set up a bank account

At this stage, in order to fund the insurance, and also to keep some moeny in the coffers, the following people each gave £10 to Transition Town Farnham: Cian Duggan, Eloise Grey, Finn Jackson, Ian Bysh, Jonathan Still, Joyce Hurd, Nicci Hewett, Paula Burgess, Tom Lankester

The idea of ongoing subscriptions (say £10/month?) was proposed, broadly supported, but not finally agreed.

Anybody who would like to add their £10 to this great cause, please contact us.


Projects currently in the action stage are…

Community Orchards: Paula is compiling a parish map of all the major fruit trees in Farnham.
ACTION: Please email her (burgess [dot] paula [at] gmail [dotcom]) with the type, number and postcode of your apple, pear, cherry, plum and other top fruit trees.

Nicci updated us on the latest issue of EcoEthos and asked us all to distribute copies. We were all very sad to hear that she is no longer going to be able to attend meetings, but glad to hear that she/we will stay in touch.

Ian updated us on the Garden Share scheme. We had a good discussion about different ways to advertise and manage the scheme, including:

  • use the parish office for photocopying
  • go for a few key posters (in doctors surgeries, schools, key organisations) rather than a blanket advertising campaign
  • pilot the scheme in one part of Farnham and see how it works
  • Talk to Kevin Tait at the allotments – find names of people waiting for allotments, use his website to advertise the scheme
  • Need to be careful that garden owners see this as a horticultural project, not free gardening
  • Advertise via the network of church parish magazines
  • Write an article for them
  • Get an article in the Farnham Herald (rather than paid advertising)
  • Get on local radio
  • get sponsorship from Homebase (etc)
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