Brief Notes and a new LOGO….

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Last night’s meeting focused mostly on the different possible designs that Casper had come up with for a new logo. Click below to find out more.

1. We heard back from Robert that Transition Town Lewes have not gone for general public liability insurance because they have so many diverse working groups and because the day to day risk is so small. Instead they take out insurance as required, to cover specific events. They also have specific insurance to cover their acting as an agent in the garden share scheme.

ACTIONS: Robert to find out more specifics of how they cover the Garden Share Scheme in Lewes and in Totnes. (Finn to provide contact details.) Then to investigate whether we can piggy back off the existing FLFI insurance in Farnham, or need some other cover.

2. Joyce reported that Susie from the Farnham Local Food Initiative would like to come and talk to us about the direction of FLFI, and possibly Duncan the chairman also. FLFI apparently have plans to increase production to ultimately feed all of Farnham from local produce, so it will be good to hear what those plans are, and ultimately to make sure that we are in alignment.

3. Jane asked what Transition movies were available our could be recommended. A discussion topic on this has been opened in the google group.

4. Eloise could not attend the meeting but had asked for feedback on issues relating to the opening of the bank account. This can also be done via the google group.

5. Cian said that he was looking seriously at raising Grant funding, and would discuss with Nicci the progress that she and Emma have already made in this area.

6. Finn reported on a meeting he had that day with Peter Maudsley of Waverley Borough Council. Peter said he was very supportive of the aims of Transition, but that as yet there was little practical support he could give. He invited Finn to speak to the next meeting of Town and Parish Councils on 8 December. He also offered the use of the council offices for a general networking meeting of Transition Towns from across all Waverley, possibly in early Spring. The meeting closed with both sides agreeing to stay in touch.

7. Alex gave a quick run-through of the presentation that he will be giving to a group of 110 pupils from Weydon school on Wednesday.

8. It was agreed that next week’s meeting (1 December) will be held at St Thomas’s Church, on the Bourne. The following week is at the Barn (8 December).

9. Finally (but first of all during the meeting) we got a look at some designs for a new logo that Casper had created. The idea is that this is something which could appear on posters, stickers, and so on.

We each chose the two designed we liked best, and discussed what we liked about them and why.

Some of the comments made were:

  • We liked the designs that were strong, simple and stood out from a distance
  • We liked the designs that faded to the right hand side (“light at the end of the tunnel”), although we agreed this might not photocopy well, or stand out well
  • We liked the rising and falling curves. They gave the idea of old endings and new beginnings. They also looked like hands passing a baton in a relay race.
  • We liked the simple, graphic designs.
  • We liked the story behind the coat of arms, but agreed that most people would not know the story and that it was a complex design.
  • We liked the ship because it was unique to Farnham, and had ideas of setting sail, new horizons.

The ten draft designs that Casper has come up with are shown below.

He would welcome your comments, to casper [at] wax-rdc [dotcom].

ACTION: All to give feedback to Casper. Casper to work our comments into new design(s).

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