Weydon Rocks!!!

I just got back from the most exciting time at Weydon School.

Alex Scrivens made a presentation about peak oil to 110 pupils in Year 9 (12 year olds).

A fire-hose hung from the ceiling symbolising the peak of peak oil.

One of the children walked along the hose as Alex told the story of oil, starting with the Japanese 4,000 years ago who used oil (in the form of bitumen) to harden their shields and scabbards.

A slide show helped explain how uses of oil had grown and grown, and as the small boy walked forward the height of the hose went up and up, soon dwarfing him and all of us.

Where are we now? asked Alex. “At the peak!” “At the plateau!” the kids screamed.

What’s going to happen next? “There’s going to be less oil!”

The children split into groups and brainstormed all the things in their lives that would be affected by having less oil.

Then they picked one area and worked together to identify what they could do instead to make it better.

And then they used their ideas to create a t-shirt made out of flip-chart paper, which they then presented back to everybody else.

The excitement and enthusiasm were palpable.

The kids got what was going to happen, and they knew exactly what they wanted to do about it. Grow their own vegetables! Stop importing so much! Recycle! Have solar cars! And make energy out of cow farts!!!

THANKS to Year 9 and to Anne Guinea at Weydon for inviting us along. Thanks to Martin Charter for setting up the meeting. And thanks to Chris Secker, Joyce Hurd, and Finn Jackson for helping with the facilitation.

A similar presentation will be made to the other half of Year 9 at the earliest opportunity.

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2 Responses to Weydon Rocks!!!

  1. Rob Simpson says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos! Sounds like it was great fun: do hope more schools go for it. Once the word gets around, I’m sure they will. Brilliant start to our campaign to get the word out.


  2. Thomas Lankester says:

    Well done and hats off to all involved


    PS I know the head teacher and one of the governors (Sci ed.) at my son’s primary, Hale.

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