Getting out there!!

This has been a week of getting out and about.

On Monday Finn Jackson met with Peter Maudsley, Strategic Director of Community Services at Waverley Borough Council. Peter was very supportive of the Transition concept and has asked Finn to come back on 8 December to present to the meeting of all Waverley’s Town and Parish Councils.

On Wednesday Alex Scrivens gave a fantastic presentation to half of Year 9 at Weydon School. A fire hose was hung from the ceiling of the main hall, to illustrate the size of the amount of oil we use and what is about to happen when the supply starts to fall. The kids got it instantly and then had an exciting time making t-shirts out of flipchart paper, and presenting what they would to do to make life better. You can see more details here, and photos will be added when we get copies from the school.

On Thursday Finn met with Chris Stanton and Beata Maaga of the Surrey Economic Partnership. They are a network of leaders from business and the public sector in Surrey, working together to give Surrey a world class sustainable economy. Chris’s special interest is in reskilling – a key part of the Transition message, to create more local jobs. Chris and Beata have invited Finn to speak to an SEP Breakfast Meeting in the New Year.

Finally, and possibly most excitingly, at Monday evening’s meeting Casper Gray unveiled his suggestions for a new logo for Transition Farnham. You can see them all and give feedback (please!) by clicking here.

Please note that there will be no update next week as Finn is away.

And remember to book your diaries for the evening of 15 December when we are holding our Christmas Party, to which you are all invited.

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