“And I’m… Jeremy Clarkson!!”

The world is changing.

Jeremy Clarkson, that champion of all things petrol, the man who … well, you know who he is.

The man who once described global warming as “bonkers — a complete fairy story”, yes THAT Jeremy Clarkson, appeared on Radio 5 Live last week.

Talking about the credit crunch, he said, “The politicians know just how catastrophic it is going to be, and just think well there’s nothing we can do so we’re just going to not bother telling them… fiddle around, drop the interest [rate]… I believe we are heading toward The End of Days, economically speaking, and that you’d better get yourself an allotment (personally).”

“I just talked to a couple of bankers who just say ‘It’s so bad’…. [Warren] Buffet the other day said ‘We’re not even in it yet…You know, we haven’t even started the problems’.”

The interview can be viewed here.

Getting an allotment, or doing a garden share, or joining the Farnham Local Food Inititative is of course a part of the solution. More parts of the solution can be found here.

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One Response to “And I’m… Jeremy Clarkson!!”

  1. Rob Simpson says:

    Let’s get on then with growing a Local Food Plan for Farnham. Plant a few projects: a School of Allotment Gardening, for one.

    What does it mean for Jeremy Clarkson to “get an allotment”? Does he know what to do with it?

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