Party on, Transition Dudes!

OK, I know it’s a cheesy title. But what a great party!!

About thirty people came, half from the core team and half who were visitors. And so many people said what a great vibe there was!

Some people hadn’t been to a meeting since the first film showing. Others had come along to a few meetings and then been too busy. And still other people had heard about us, wanted to find out more, and had come along from places as far afield as Ash, Guildford and Woking!

One man wants to copy the Glastonbury Festival and hold local gigs and parties that are powered by bicycles.  (We want him to too!!) Another man has started making sourdough bread once a week and is selling it door to door. The woman who is writing the ‘Transition Guide to Food’ with Rob Hopkins came along. And another woman who is a herbalist wants to find someone locally who can grow the herbs she uses, so that she doesn’t have to import them from China!

It was sad that not all of our friends could be there — some owing to illness and some because of other commitments.

But the good news is that we all had such a great time we are going to hold more parties like it soon — at least one per season!

We hope to see you at the next one.

(And who would have thought that ‘saving the planet’ could be such fun!??! :-)))

Many thanks to Ichin Cheng for taking the photos.

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7 Responses to Party on, Transition Dudes!

  1. Its amazing what conrtibution great endeavours like yours can make to the future of food in our beautiful world!
    More greeze to your elbows and have the best of holidays for your wonderful ideas. You are the change!
    National Coordinator,
    Better World Cameroon.

  2. finnjackson says:


    I think somebody left six empty ice cream containers (1 litre size) at my house after the party.

    If anybody would like to claim them please get in touch via the contact page:


  3. alex says:

    thanks finn…good job…great night…

    I’ve got herb space…my front garden would be ideal…

    please pass on my details

    Looking forward to a slow food spring bash maybe?

    Anyone know any quirky venues?

    merry crimbo


  4. Jon Austen says:

    Hello, reading your party atricle above, I noticed the: “And another woman who is a herbalist wants to find someone locally who can grow the herbs she uses” bit.
    I might be able to help with growing herbs – please contact me (Jon) on 01252 721497. Thanks.

    Webmaster Note:
    Have done so. Beth will likely be in touch in due course.

  5. Nicci says:

    Thanks to everyone it was a great party…. I loved catching up with the core team and meeting new people!

    Thanks for hosting Finn!

    See you all in the New Year.

  6. Paula Burgess says:

    …. I think the pictures say it all….. how many people in the kitchen? That has to be a sign of a good party. I was so sad that I missed it. I did sit there thinking about how I could come without spreading my germs to half of Farnham in the process, but even Barbara sneezed when she saw me in the morning, and Margot legged it back into the Eglu…pah! so much for sympathy from those two….

    Hows about a New Year party and I promise not to be ill for that one 😉

  7. Rob Simpson says:

    Wow! What a good party – great sense of energy and solidarity. Let’s celebrate more! A transition party at each season of the year, perhaps?

    A band next time? Take over a pub?

    Thanks Finn for all your hard work: it’s great that this is happening!

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