Merry Christmas!!!

Well, even Transitioners have to slow down eventually…

We will all be taking a well-earned break now, returning in early January.

It is amazing to think that it is still less than three months since our first meeting in October. During that time we have created a shared vision and built a plan to 2020. We have met with Waverley Borough Council and the Surrey Economic Partnership. And we have excited more than 100 children at Weydon school about what is coming with peak oil, and the challenges and opportunities it will bring. We have started work on our short term priority projects in food, energy and housing. And we have done all this by meeting voluntarily for about an hour and a half a week for only about a dozen weeks.

Everyone at Transition Farnham wishes all the readers of this newsletter a wonderful and relaxing Christmas.

We will leave you with just three links this week.

One is review of our Christmas party (with photos! see above).

The second is Rob Hopkins’ final blog of the year.

And the final link is another blog from Rob, entitled “Why I love my Town“. It talks about the Totnes Christmas Festival (see photo right), which does sound a magical experience. Read it and let us know if you’d like to have something similar in Farnham.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2009!

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