Starting the year – with Wondermentalist Cabaret!

Well, here we are in 2009.

A good Christmas was had by all. And now we start the year with one simple and over-riding objective: to get everyone in Farnham talking about and excited about Transition by the end of the year.

It’s a big goal, and it is also entirely achievable.


Our first two meetings will be held at the Lantern Room of St Thomas on the Bourne, on Monday 12 and Monday 19 January. Please be prompt for 7pm. We will start by reviewing what we each want to achieve this year, and how we are going to work together to achieve it.

As a thought provoker for that, you might like to take a look at today’s blog by Rob Hopkins, where he talks about the rather wonderful-sounding “Wondermentalist/Transition Cabaret”.

As the poster says, this is a place where you can:

SPEND! the day creating stories
PERFORM! at a special cabaret the same evening
WEEP! with laughter at the collective hilarity
IMAGINE! a happier, healthier, cleaner, brighter and altogether more wonderful Totnes in 2030
MAKE AN IDIOT! of yourself at the evening cabaret
MAKE HISTORY! or rather make up some future history as it were, in a history-in-the-making kind of way

And I know I’m putting myself at risk by saying this, but I’d rather like to have a go at that!!

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