Less is More

Yes it really is.

And you can find out just how much more less is, by reading the rest of this post (below), or most wonderfully by listening to the live performance here.
(If you want to skip descriptions of ‘Post-Petroleum Stress Disorder’ and the challenges of ‘thinking-global, acting-local’ then fast forward the audio player to about 9 minutes and 20 seconds.)

The author is Matt Harvey, being filmed by the BBC. The location is a night out in Transitioning Totnes.

Is there a Matt Harvey in Farnham?


Less is More

Can less be more, can more be less?
Well, yes and no, and no and yes
Well, more or less…

More bikes, fewer cars
Less haze, more stars

Less haste, more time
Less reason, more rhyme

More time, less stress
Fewer miles, more fresh (vegetables)

Fewer car parks, more acres of available urban soil
More farmers’ markets, less produce effectively marinated in crude oil

Less colouring, more taste
More mashing, less waste

Fewer couch potatoes, more spring greens
Fewer tired tomatoes, more runner beans [as the FLFI can testify!]

More stillness, less inertia
Less illness, more Echinacea

More community, less isolation
Less just sitting there, more participation!

More wells (not oil ones, obviously), fewer ills
Fewer clean fingernails, more skills

More co-operation, less compliancy
Less complacency, more self-reliancy

Less competition, more collaboration
Less passive listening, more participation!

Less attention defic…, more concentration
Less passive listening, more participation!

(Less repetition)

Less of a warm globe, more a chilly’un
More of a wise world, at least 34 fewer parts of C02 per million

Less stress-related cardio-vascular and pulmonary failure
More nurturing quality time in the company of a favourite clematis or dahlia

More craftsmanship, less built-in obsolescence
More political maturity, less apparently-consequence-free extended adolescence

More believed-to-be-beautiful, known-to-be-useful things
Less cheap, pointless, petroleum-steeped stuff
So Yes, less is more – and enough’s enough…

The original is here.

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One Response to Less is More

  1. Rob Simpson says:

    I heard Matt Harvey live at the Schumacher Conference in Bristol during the autumn. He’s very gifted and great value entertainer. Brilliant!

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