Notes from Monday’s Meeting

What a great and very positive meeting on Monday night!

We had 12-13 people rather than the 20 from last week, but we focused on a clearly defined agenda, covered a lot of ground and got a lot done. We also had a lot of laughs and some chocolates along the way.

We talked about and agreed:

> What we want to get out of meetings
> Our goal for the year and how we plan to get there
> How we want to run our meetings
> ‘Ground rules’

You can read more about this by clicking below.

What we want to get out of meetings. How we want to feel at the end of each meeting.

p10309551The answers were clear. We want meetings to be:

> Fun
> Energy
> Getting things done (Being able to measure our progress)
> Modelling what we want (being an example of what we are creating)
> Sharing
> Learning

And we want to leave feeling:

> Enthused
> Enthusiastic
> Enriched
> Together
> Welcoming, Inclusive, we are ‘Normal’ people (not a bunch of weirdos!)  🙂
> with Metrics, measures
> Sense of inclusion

That’s how we want to feel. What are we going to do?

Priority Activities and our Plan for the Year:

We have one over-riding goal for this year, and that is to get everyone in Farnham talking about Transition and excited about Transition.

There are five main activities we will need to make that happen. Different people will want to focus in different areas.

The first activity area is Projects: getting things done that will make a difference to the future resilience of Farnham.
Click to enlargeThe second activity is Meetings: coming together to share ideas, create plans, move things forward, and report back what has been achieved.
The third activity is Communication: telling other people what we are doing and what we have done.
That merges into Outreach: getting in touch with different groups in Farnham and talking in more detail about what we are doing and why. This includes holding Events (some which may also be part of Projects!).
Finally, there is the creation of New Ideas for other projects we could do.

These five activities link together as shown in the diagram. If we get it right, then meeting to work on our projects leads into more communications about what we have done, which  grow into ‘outreach‘ conversations with other groups, which bring in more people to work on our projects, and more ideas for new projects to work on.

How does this map out over the year?

Our goal for the end of the year is to get everybody in Farnham talking about Transition and excited about Transition.

As the bottom part of the picture shows, the way we can achieve this is:

> In Jan, Feb, March we focus on Projects and Outreach
> During April we then design the Great Unleashing
> From May to September we then work on Projects, Events, and Communications that take us directly towards the…
> Great Unleashing in September/October
> That then gives us 2-3 months at the end of the year to consolidate: get a lot of new people involved in Transition activities. Not necessarily meeting in one large group, but using the meeting process and other tools (like our website) that we will have developed during the year.

Meeting Process:

So, getting our meeting process right is very important.

It needs to be something that gets the right balance between sharing information and moving things forward. And it needs to be something that other people can ‘drop in’ to very easily and join in straight away with what is happening.

On Monday evening we came up with the following process. We are now going to try it out, and learn and improve it as we go.

As the picture shows, it goes something like this:

Click to enlarge> 7pm-7:15, tea, coffee, chat
> 7:15-7:25, Everyone has 30 seconds each to say why they are here tonight, what they want to do. We define the groupings for tonight.*
> Then we work for 45 minutes in the groups we have agreed, and get done what we want to.
> Then we have 15 minutes wrap up at the end, to report back the progress made, plus any other announcements.
> We finish at 8:30pm and everyone is invited to the pub!

*The process for defining groups may need to be different depending how many people are there. We will evolve this as we go.

We will continue to hold meetings during half terms (for those who wish to attend). We will not meet on Bank Holiday Mondays.

We will generally meet at the Lantern Room at St Thomas on the Bourne.

When there is a clash with the monthly parish meeting at St Thomas’s we will meet at The Barn (subject to agreement with Marios).

Meeting dates and locations will be published on the Contact page.

And finally…

We decided we wanted some Ground Rules for how we will work together.

Ground Rules:

As with the meeting process, the following are our first draft ground rules for how we can work together. They may well evolve as we move forward.

Click to enlarge> Model what we want – be the change we are working to create
> Metrics: Measure the difference and the impact that we make
> Watch/Monitor our overall plan and our progress
> Put up our hands to speak in turn at meetings, and make a ‘T’ sign for a Technical Point
> If it is something to discuss over a drink later then it is a ‘Beer Point’!!
> Have a defined meeting process with rotating roles
> Have a step by step process for implementing Projects. This will make them easier and faster to move forward, and give us a shared language
> Have a standard web page for every project, so that it is easy to see where we all are and to monitor progress
> Have an Archive of Press Releases
> Maybe have an online tool for who is coming each week (Is this doable?)
> Have a ‘coffee monitor’ for the nights we are at St Thomas’s
> It is ok to tell people who are talking too much to shut up!
> Remember the aims at the start of the meeting, the first one of which was FUN!

That is a fair summary (I hope) of the factual content of the evening. I feel it doesn’t quite convey the fun, laughter and sense of camerarderie (spelling??) that we had. And it certainly doesn’t record the dashing off to the pub afterwards. 🙂

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