Water Currents Could Power the World!

A revolutionary new device, called Vivace, could be one way that we generate our electricity in the future.

Most existing ways of generating power from waves or rivers either need us to build huge dams, or require fast flowing currents of at least three knots.

This new device is inspired by the way fish swim and could generate electricity from currents as little as one knot or less.

A prototype has just been built in Michigan and proves that the concept works.

The numbers in this article and in the Daily Telegraph suggest that our river Wey is not really deep enough to provide power for more than a few homes. But the English Channel, for example, has a very strong current, so we could produce a lot of power there. And combined with wood energy from Alice Holt, wind energy, solar panels, as well as new techonlogies (like light bulbs) that let us use less energy, it shows it is possible to be more comfortable without the need to rely on oil!

There is a YouTube video about this technology below.

You can also click here to find out about some of the towns in Europe that are already getting 100% of their energy from renewable sources (or are well on their way to doing so).

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