We’re back!

Another busy fortnight — and apologies to those who spotted (and complained! :-)) that we didn’t have an update last week.

Our first meeting of the year last week was mostly a catch up and saying hello after the holidays. But we also made good progress on the Farnham Garden Share, which will be launched in the Farnham Herald shortly. More information about that next week.

Last week we also met with local MP Jeremy Hunt. He was interested to learn about what we are doing in Transition, and has asked to be kept in touch.

At this week’s meeting we got right down to business and talked through our plans for the year. We now have an overall structure for the year, as well as a detailed plan for how we’re going to run our meetings. Both these will be updated and improved as we go, but we now have the frameworks we need to move forward.

In other news this week:

> There’s a CBS4 news report about Transition in the USA, here
> There’s a BBC news report about Transition in the UK, here
> A piece about how water currents could power the world
> And there’s also been a rather wonderful suggestion that a cool thing to do with all those empty Woolworth’s stores would be to turn them into open market halls, and hubs of local enterprise… Very Transition! And if it happens… remember you heard it here first!

I’m off now for pizza with the kids.

Have a great weekend!

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