20 Big Green Ideas

With an eye on the previous post, I want to add something here about some of the many positive opportunities we have for solving the problems our culture has created.

Lucy Siegle, writing in The Observer recently, has identified 20 ingenious solutions that offer “some respite to the prevailing jam-side-down version of life on offer almost everywhere else.”

You can read the key points below. Further details are here.

1. Biochar
In a nutshell: A way of trapping carbon with “green coal”.

2. Fertilising the ocean
In a nutshell: Dumping iron dust in the ocean to remove carbon.

3. Benign biofuels
In a nutshell: The biofuels it’s OK to like.

4. Hydrogen cargo ships
In a nutshell: Emissions-free shipping.

5. Species relocation
In a nutshell: Giving under-threat species a second home.

6. Radical eco activism
In a nutshell: Green direct action.

7. Reinstate the drinking fountain
In a nutshell: The rebirth of bottle-free water.

8. The world community grid
In a nutshell: Your computer does ethical stuff in the background.

9. Cradle to cradle
In a nutshell: The future of sustainability.

10. Carrotmobbing
In a nutshell: Don’t boycott – procott instead.

11. Ecotarianism
In a nutshell: Counting carbon emissions rather than calories.

12. Zero-waste fashion
In a nutshell: Clothing without the cutoffs.

13. Transumption
In a nutshell: Don’t buy stuff – lease it.

14. Rehome a mutt
In a nutshell: Crossbred dogs win best in show.

15. Backyard sufficiency
In a nutshell: Treating your garden as a source of protein.

16. Hypermilling
In a nutshell: Ultra economical driving.

17. Strategic organics
In a nutshell: Organic pick’n’mix.

18. The slow wardrobe
In a nutshell: Dump the concept of “McFashion”, rather than the actual garments.

19. Precycling
In a nutshell: The bottom has fallen out of the recycling market, so make it your last resort.

20. Ethical texting
In a nutshell: The end of eco-supermarket dilemmas.

For more details click: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/jan/11/green-living-ethical-fashion-business

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One Response to 20 Big Green Ideas

  1. Rob says:

    Do treate with caution the techno-fixes like biochar (see the recent discussion group posting and http://www.regenwald.org/international/englisch/news.php?id=1180 ).

    Fertilizing the oceans is also scrutinised on the ETC Group website at http://www.etcgroup.org/en/materials/publications.html?pub_id=719 and looks distinctly shaky.

    Hydrogen cargo ships: well, I spoke to a marine engineer this morning. This will work if the hydrogen generation issue is solved.

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