“The Crash Course”

Probably for serious readers only, this one, but if you want to take a “bare essentials” look at everything that is happening in the world right now, try “The Crash Course” by Chris Martenson.

Rob Hopkins has recommended it in his blog today, calling it “an essential educational tool for Transition Initiatives (and others…). ”

I just watched the first three chapters and found it a good summary of some of the major trends in our world at the moment. To me it is also a clear and convincing statement that the time has come to take action.

I remain hugely positive that we can build a better world. Understanding how important it is that we need to change is the first step to achieving that, and “The Crash Course” seems to do a very good job of communicating that.

What comes next is designing what kind of future we want instead, and taking first steps towards achieving it. I look forward to seeing what the Crash Course has to say about that.

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