Weekly Round-Up

The highlight of this week has to be the launch, in the Farnham Herald, of the Farnham Garden Share. With over 120 people currently on the waiting list for allotments, this scheme aims to bring together people who want to grow fruit and veg with people who have spare land in their gardens.

“This initiative will not only help us cut the allotments waiting list, beat the credit crunch, and eat more healthy food — it will also help the environment by reducing the distance that our food travels, turning “food miles” into “food feet”!” said organiser, Ian Bysh.

You can read the Farnham Herald article here, and there are more details on this website.

For more details or to take part, please contact Ian on 01252 738546.

You may have noticed a growing national trend towards home growing. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s “Land Share” project is based (like ours) on the Transition Town Totnes garden share project which he visited and filmed during the summer. And you may have seen that the National Trust has recently asked all its properties to identify potential sites to be used as allotments.

Watch this space also, for news of our Organic Veg Growing course and Community Orchard initiative coming soon.

Our weekly meeting on Monday night saw us using a new ‘open space’ technique. This is a way of allowing groups to self-organise to talk about the things that matter to them most, and we used it to move forward on three major topics:

> the Farnham Garden Share
> Transition at the Carnival, and
> Outreach into Farnham

The first has now been launched, and the others you will hear more about over the coming weeks. There are also more details here.

One of our top priorities in the next 2-3 months is an ‘outreach’ programme into the community, to tell more people about the Transition Movement, what we are doing and why. As part of that, last week we met with the Managing Director of Atkins — the second largest employer in Farnham. He listened carefully to what we had to say, is very supportive of what we are working to achieve, and has invited us back to speak to his staff and director of strategy.

If you know or are part of an organisation that would like to hear more about Transition, please contact us now.

And finally, a small advertisement for long-time Farnham resident and enthusiastic Transitioner Abigail McKern, who is appearing currently at the Salisbury Playhouse in The Winslow Boy. The play is on until 21 February and the box office number is 01722 320 333.

If Farnham had its own theatre again then we could host the play in our own town. Given the credit crunch and fuel prices, maybe it makes sense to revisit the East Street proposals?

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One Response to Weekly Round-Up

  1. Rob says:

    What a week to round up! I look forward to many more weeks similarly rounded up!

    I think the idea that a local theatre in Farnham would become more realistic in the light of CC mitigation strategies for Arts UK is one to bring to the attention of the FTA. Factor in the peak oil scenario and it becomes even more interesting. For sure, a theatre in Farnham could operate as a social enterpise that builds community as well as a timely source of employment.

    I must make one observation: the Farnham Garden Share logo has a subtitle “a Transition Farnham initiative”. This subtitle needs to be bolder, as in its present form it is not legible.

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