Growing Food on the White House Lawn

It seems the President of the USA may have heard about our Farnham Garden Share.

Ok, not really — but a rapidly-growing campaign in the USA is seeking to have five acres(!) of White House lawn converted to grow organic fruit and vegetables.

The idea came in an open letter to the President-Elect, written by journalist Michael Pollan and published in the New York Times in October.

Apparently it is not the first time the White House lawns have been used to grow food.

Many early presidents grew food there, including John Adams, who planted a vegetable garden shortly after moving-in in 1800. And in 1943 Eleanor Roosevelt planted a new garden, helping to launch the Victory Garden Movement — the US equivalent of ‘Dig for Victory’.

By the end of the war, more than 20 million home gardens were supplying 40 per cent of the produce consumed in America!

As Pollan states, taking this step could be Obama’s “most symbolically resonant step in building a new American food culture.”

Only question is, where would they land their helicopters?

Thanks to Beth from Woking for alerting us to this one.

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