Notes from Monday’s meeting

I really must remember to take my camera to meetings!

This Monday we had a lower turnout than usual, but one new member joined (welcome to John!) and we still managed to split into two groups and make good progress on a number of projects.

Main news this time was that the Garden Share is progressing well, with five gardens already signed up and BBC Southern Counties radio planning to interview Ian Bysh about the project shortly. More information on that as it happens. The next step will be to focus on finding gardeners who want to use the space to grow fruit and veg. And one intrepid gardener has volunteered to put up a ‘diary’ on our website, so that we can monitor progress.

At the same time the Garden Share team is building bridges with a number of local organisations including the Farnham Gardening Society, Alice Holt Forestry Station, Allotment Associations,Farnham Town Council, Waverley Borough Council and local residents associations.

This is currently independent of, but clearly related to, the Outreach project which was also discussed this week. We added a few new organisations to the list, and reviewed and agreed a draft ‘pack’ of slides that can be used to guide conversations. We also had very positive meetings with the Maltings and HSBC, and a very positive second meeting with Atkins who have now asked us back to talk to all their employees.

Other projects we discussed this week included the Farnham Faerie Festival (yes, you heard it hear first!!) — a VERY EXCITING project for the summer, aimed mostly at 6-12 year olds. Alex Scrivens is leading this project.

And it was decided that we will have a stall at the Carnival. Alex Scrivens and Paul Whewell are taking this forward.

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