Food Forests

I was talking to a senior local business person last week, and we got to the point where he said “I can’t disagree with your analysis, but there’s nothing we can do. For example, we can’t possibly feed everyone with the land that we’ve got.”

Perhaps not — if we carry on using the same farming methods. If we carry on using a system that says we can only grow a single crop in each field, using intensive inputs of fertiliser, pesticides, and water.

But look at the rainforests. They grow a huge variety of plants (and animals) in every square metre, using a system which supports itself and requires no inputs from us.

What if there was a way to copy this? What if we could grow more than one crop on the same piece of land, putting plants and animals together in a way that makes maximum use of the available resources, and actually helps each one to grow?

Food Forests are one way of achieving this.

This video gives a short introduction to food forests, and gives an indication of what it can be like to combine plants and animals to create ‘absolute abundance’:

As the speaker says, “this is one of the major systems that will allow us to inhabit this earth forever”.

Changing the way we grow farm can allow us to grow more food with less impact on wildlife.

Tomorrow there’ll be another video about how this was done in Jordan.

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