100% clean electricity within 10 years

With Obama’s signature on Tuesday of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, the USA is now poised to create over 100,000 jobs in the next two years, in solar energy alone.

“The solar industry is poised to lead the new, clean energy economy and the strong solar provisions in this legislation will help give hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Americans a job that they can be proud of.”

This is the first step on a plan to achieve 100% clean electricity within 10 years.

Here in the UK we are also taking steps, if a little more slowly. The code for sustainable homes is one example.

As Obama says in the video below,”What’s exciting… is that it is not only a problem but it is also an opportunity.” Let’s us also take that opportunity to rebuild Farnham the way we want it to be.

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5 Responses to 100% clean electricity within 10 years

  1. SolarMax says:

    100% clean my fanny. Did anyone ever bother to look at what materials (organics, phosphorous, boron and perhaps even arsenic for GaAs) are needed and how much energy is required to make a solar cell? Or what goes into a hydro (or wind) generator (copper, steel, PVC’s, organics).

    !00% clean is absolyely NOT attainable with any technology known to man, or will likely ever be known. And no, not even people-power is 100% clean. Check out the local sewage treatment plant if you want to argue that point.

  2. Kit P says:

    Good news! The US already produces 100% green energy. The environmental impact of producing electricity is insignificant. While emissions from power plants can be measured the impact can not be measured because it is so small.

  3. stas peterson says:

    Solar Energy is NOT clean. It merely appears so to the uneducated scientific dim-bulbs who know no Science in the eco-greenie looney land. Solar energy is only 10-12% efficient and therefor has an enormous Thermal Pollution problem, associated with it.

    Solar Energy alters the Albedo in proportion ot the area devoted to it; irrespective of whether it is centralized in power stations or decentralized on a million rooftops. Altering the Albedo from 31% to closer to Zero cannot but add a tremendous global warming component that makes so-called GHG warming, a tiny insignificant effect.

    Grow up greenies ! TAANSTAAFL!

    Stupid unscientific loons just don’t recognize it yet, just as they did not see any warts on Windmills until they started to be built.

    Solar energy’s cost makes electric autos totally uneconomic, and prolongs the life of fossil fueled cars. That surely is what eco loons REALLY desire. But then they are great at running headlong into the brick wall of Reality, and the Law of Unintended Consequences.

  4. Thomas Lankester says:

    ‘unsuited for baseline power without at least a twelve hour supply in a storage system. There is no such backup, and there is no technology that can make it.’
    Currently deployed power storage solutions are:

    -molten salt;

    -hydroelectric dams;

    -redox flow batteries

    Proposed (i.e. possible with current technology):
    -vehicle to grid (V2G) plug-in cars;

    -compressed air;

    -tidal lagoons.

    I think we ought to consider demand side management such as smart fridge/freezers that detect overstretch in the grid supply and temporarily switch off.

    But for Farnham this is a bit of a non-issue as the first choice for renewable electricity would surely be biomass (ideally Combined Heat and Power) as we proposed for the East Street regeneration.

  5. Ben says:

    100% clean electricity?

    Solar and wind power provide a tiny fraction of current power, and an unreliable fraction at that. The technologies are completely unsuited for baseline power without at least a twelve hour supply in a storage system. There is no such backup, and there is no technology that can make it.

    The current technologies for solar and wind are in no way, shape, or form reasonable choices for large-scale power generation. This declaration is pure pipe-dream. One that will prove to be a very costly failure.

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