Notes from last night

Ian Bysh on a good day (?)Apologies that I again forgot to bring along my camera…

Last night was the first night when we tried out our new revolving chairman approach, and it worked very well.

We split into three groups and discussed:

> The Garden Share project
> Outreach
> Boosting the local economy

Then we closed with ‘other announcements’ and a trip to the pub for some.

Garden Share:

The Farnham Garden Share is storming ahead. We now have a dozen gardens signed up and are switching our efforts to looking for gardeners. Farnham Library are also asking us whether we can turn land there into a 1940s ‘Dig for Victory’ garden.

Fresh from his appearance on BBC Southern Counties Radio, initiative leader Ian Bysh is also about to be filmed by BBC TV! Filming will take place tomorrow and Thursday. Two of our garden share members, Jonathan Still (vicar of St Thomas on the Bourne), and Chris Secker (local youth worker) will also be filmed and interviewed. The material will then be used by BBC London, BBC South, and national BBC Breakfast TV!!!

Boosting the local economy:

Alex Scrivens has been making many local contacts in this area including the Rushmoor Sustainability Officer. Discussions focused around how to get businesses to understand that the coming changes can be an opportunity for them, if they are prepared.


We reviewed and improved the presentation so that now several of us have a shared understanding of the material. We also updated the list of contacts and agreed who would contact which organisations.

Other Annoucements:

John Hughes had been to hear James Lovelock speak at the RSA during the day. Lovelock’s message was clear:

  1. Climate change will affect weather in the UK less than other parts of the world
  2. Population will double because of migration from areas which have been more severely affected
  3. The key priority is to get more land back to agricultural use
  4. Converting organic material to charcoal is a good way to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and improve the productivity of our land

If current methods struggle to feed our current population, we are going to find new forms of agriculture to feed double that number! Which reminds me of the quote from the Farm for the Future programme which said that Food Forests can feed ten people per acre.

Transition Training:

Eloise Grey has volunteered to organise the two-day transition training for us here in Farnham. Dates are apparently available in June and July and will be circulated as soon as they are known. We are hoping to get sponsorship from a local firm.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies:

Alex Scrivens believes that the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies could be a great help to our work and is planning on attending two conferences in the USA on this topic, later in the year.

He is going to use the application form that Joyce obtained for us, to apply to the Farnham Institute for funding to cover the trip.

Award for artists creating new performance work in the context of Climate Change

The TippingPoint will be making four awards to fund the creation of new performance art that is relevant to climate change.

Further details are available on our discussion group site.

Offices / Home for Transition Farnham:

Finn had visited two sites offered by Waverley. Neither was suitable for our current needs. Alex says there is also the possibility of using space in the 40 Degreez youth centre. It appears that at the moment the appetite for having our own space is low.

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