Round up of the week

And what a week!

Apologies that this is going to be a brisk round-up this week, but I’ve got a deadline to meet and a lift to catch.

Main news this week has to be the Garden Share (again). The scheme has now been featured on BBC radio and TV. We’ve had Gardener’s World phoning us up, and even rated a mention in the Guardian.

There are now at least a dozen gardens in the scheme (I say ‘at least’ because the number keeps changing). And not to be competitive, but in Totnes where this scheme started, it took a year to get to twenty gardens. So a dozen gardens in ten days to a fortnight is an amazing success!

Now that we have this (growing) stock of gardens identified, we are switching the focus to look for gardeners. So if you know anybody who would like to start to grow their own fruit and/or veg, please do get in touch!

And…. just when you thought Transition Farnham was all about muddy wellies and garden sharing, we have also launched our latest project — a clothes swapping party!

Apparently Twiggy was on BBC2 a couple of weeks ago telling us that clothes swapping parties are now all the rage. It’s a fun way to get a new wardrobe and have a good time.

Transition Farnham has teamed up with Paula Beaumont of the Purity boutique in Downing Street (where the party will be held) and local celebrity stylist Chantelle Znideric. Chantelle will be at the clothes swap to give people some tips and help them decide what looks good.

The party will be held at the Purity boutique in Downing Street, this Thursday, March 5.

You can read more details here. And the piece the Farnham Herald wrote is also available here.

And in other news this week, Rob Hopkins visited a pioneering ‘green’ housing development in Shropshire. And members of Transition Farnham visited Bell’s Piece.

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