Transition in the Financial Times

What’s going on?

The Financial Times, that bastion of capitalism and all things capitalist, is writing about Transition Towns!

In the Saturday February 28/Sunday March 1 weekend edition, the FT has published an article called “Noted for trust”.

It describes “a growing international movement… in countries as diverse as the US, Japan, Australia and Italy.”

The article then goes on to focus on the aspect of Transition that is likely to most interest the readers of the Financial Times — money.

The article describes how “towns around the world are fostering community spirit with alternative currencies”. It focuses on Lewes which introduced its own currency last September.

“The pound is a way of keeping money in the local economy and carbon footprints down by encouraging shoppers to spend in their own neighbourhood,” the FT reports. But the FT, being the FT, realises that there’s more to it than that.

“The benefits go even further since it has also boosted Lewes’ stock among anyone looking to live in a place with a clear identity and a strong community spirit,” the paper says.

“As elsewhere, property prices have declined in recent months but less than in many similar towns and local [estate] agents report that business is picking up at these new, lower levels, reflecting the fact that demand still outstrips supply for the right sort of property.

“We get families moving here from London and Brighton who very much want to live in a strong, vibrant community. They want not only nice properties but a feel-good factor… And once people move here they tend not to leave.”

Wouldn’t it be great if Farnham was that was like that?

Well, that is what Transition Town Farnham is working to build and create.

And in doing so we will not only make life feel better. We will also increase the value of your home.

You can read the full FT article here.

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One Response to Transition in the Financial Times

  1. Eloise Grey says:

    Hang on – FT is fairly liberal as a devoted ‘weekend reader’ and we aren’t blazing anti-capitalists, shurely? Don’t want to give the wrong impression :-))

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