A wikipedia for cars?

Remember when Wikipedia was new and exciting? When the idea of an encyclopedia collaboratively written by hundreds and thousands of people around the world it seemed completely revolutionary?

Or what about the browser you are using to read this page right now? Perhaps you paid Microsoft to use Windows Explorer? Or perhaps you are using Firefox, a free web browser that was developed and built by thousands of independent computer programmers, collaborating using an ‘open source’ approach?

Well, now someone has decided to use the same approach to develop a  car. A car powered by hydrogen, with a projected fuel economy of around 250-280 miles per gallon.

The firm is called RiverSimple and the website is here.

I hear the prototype is going to launch next month, in April.

And there will be a talk about it at the Islington Hub, from 6:30 – 8:30pm on Tuesday 31st March.

You will be able to hear Patrick Andrews talk about how manufacturers across the globe will be able to share and enhance the design — just like they do for wikipedia and Firefox.

Designed to have only 1000 parts, a lifespan of 15 years and aiming to be 100% recyclable, this highly fuel- efficient hydrogen car will eventually be available on a lease programme so that it is in the manufacturer’s interest to make the car last as long as possible.

New challenges. New solutions. What Transition is all about.

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