Notes from last night’s meeting

I remembered my camera!

(Well actually I didn’t… But I did remember to use my phone!)

It was a busy night.

Cian DugganLast night the people who came to the meeting wanted to work together on:

> Group structure and principles: what are they?
> Community Orchards: creating a plan to the Carnival
> James Lovelock, The Vanishing Face of Gaia – How do we keep up with the latest developments in science?
> Farnham Garden Share

In the round-up at the end we reported back on progress made in each of these areas, and also made announcements about:

> Farnham Carnival Stall
> A leaflet for Transition Farnham
> Transition Training, scheduled for June
> Waverley’s Local Development Plan
> Earth Hour, 28 March
> Transition Social / Party
> Clothes Swap Party
> Going ‘Official’
> Farnham Town Council public meeting
> Waverley ‘Local Development Framework’

Thanks to Cian Duggan for chairing the meeting. Next week’s chair will be Eloise Grey.

Feedback session at the end of the meeting:

Cian tooFarnham Garden Share:

We have a dozen gardens. Rob has begun checking to ensure the soil is suitable, etc. The focus is now on finding gardeners.

It appears the scheme has turned up a piece of land which could be used on a much larger scale — being used by several gardeners in a cooperative approach. This opportunity is being investigated further.

James Lovelock, The Vanishing Face of Gaia
How do we keep up with the latest developments in science?

Jonathan said that he was reading James Lovelock’s latest book, “The Vanishing Face of Gaia.” This says that scientists say it is no longer possible to stop Climate Change — what we need to do is move as rapidly as possible to preparing to deal with the consequences we have already caused.

Jonathan wondered how the group might keep up with the latest scientific findings as these evolve.

Alex suggested that this could be done as part of the “Soil and Soul” group that will now be meeting on Wednesdays at The Barn. (Contact for this group is Katie Stringer, via Ian Bysh.)

Group Structure/Principles:

It was agreed that it would be useful to review the work we have done so far and create an explicit set of principles which describe how Transition Town Farnham operates.

The benefits would be:

> to clarify our ‘operating principles’, giving greater focus and cohesion
> to help outsiders understand more clearly what we are about
> to help new joiners understand more quickly and easily what they are joining
> to bring clarity to the behaviours that members of the group are expected to follow


> Alex Scrivens to forward relevant details for Transition Lewes and Transition Kingston to Eloise Grey
> Finn Jackson to forward relevant material that the group has developed already to Eloise Grey
> Eloise Grey to combine these and bring a draft/proposal for discussion at the next meeting

Community Orchard:

We now have a plan to get us to the Carnival. This involves building a web page, getting a press release in the Farnham Herald and talking to the Rural Life Centre. Contact/leader for this initiative is Paula Burgess.

Cian 3Farnham Carnival:

Paul Whewell has provisionally booked one chalet plus an extra 2 metres of street frontage. This has to be confirmed by the end of April with Public Liability Insurance certificate and a food hygiene certificate for the apple pressing.

We will sell apple juice by the cup and share any profit between Transition Town Farnham and the Carnival. Unfortunately it will be too early in the season for local apples but Hones in Downing Street say they are happy to supply apples at wholesale prices.

Paula is planning a large map that will be displayed by the stall and will show the location of fruit trees in Farnham. There will be leaflets publicising the fruit tree mapping and forms for the public to fill in.

We will also publicise any other TTF projects that have suitable publicity leaflets.

FLFI may join us to publicise their activities.

We have been asked to decorate the stall with the theme “Myths and Legends” but have not yet discussed how to do this.

Earth Hour:

Paula informed us that the WWF is organising a global action to turn off our lights for one hour, on Saturday 28 March, from 8:30 to 9:30pm.

You can find out more at various websites including this one:

Transition Social:

Eloise suggested that we combine this event with the next Transition Social.

This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Clothes Swap Party:

Eloise reminded us that the clothes swap is this Thursday, starting at 5:30.

Cian 4Going ‘Official’:

Finn asked whether we felt ready now as a group to move to Official Transition Town status. The general consensus was that this was a good thing to do, though Alex and Rob had reservations.

ACTION: Finn will complete a draft application for discussion next time.


Joyce suggested that it would be good to have a leaflet describing what Transition Farnham is about.

ACTION: Everyone to give suggestions/input to Joyce, which she will then collate and feed back to the group.

Transition Training:

Eloise informed us that she is arranging Transition Training. It will be held in Elstead and the dates will almost certainly be 13/14 June. BOOK YOUR DIARIES.

Farnham Town Council:

There is a public meeting on Thursday evening. We are encouraged to attend. Link is here:

Waverley Local Development Framework:

Waverley Borough Council are working on a plan for the future of the Borough. They have asked for input from residents. Details have been posted here:

Alex Scrivens said he would develop a response, possibly to be delivered as a combined response from all Transition Towns in Waverley.

Items for discussion at next meeting:

Group structure — Follow up on draft document created by Eloise.

Next social event — Discuss & decide what we will do on 28 March.

Application for ‘official’ status — Review draft application created by Finn, and agree next steps.

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