Meeting Notes 9/03/09

Notes of the Meeting 9/03/09. Corrections in the comments section most welcome. Comments also most welcome!

We had a nice intimate meeting with a floating population of 5-7 people. A new person, Liz Whitham came to sniff us out. Liz is Chairwoman of the Ramblers. Let’s hope she likes us and comes back.

Things we discussed:

Alex Scrivens: met with the sustainability officer of Waverley, Fotini Kallipoliti, seems to have persuaded her that all the Transition folks in Waverley are potential “environmental officers” and how wonderful it would be for us all to be aligned. We can develop her sustainability agenda and even start rolling it out. Alex is going to produce a one pager (yes only one page) stating a) goal b) how to get there for all Transition Waverley. We thought it best to agree it as TT Farnham before approaching the other Transition Towns in the borough. We also discussed the fact that Finn has ties with Fontini so we should ensure no overlaps.

Tom Lankester: shared his conundrum over the Greenway’s project. This sounds great! A route/path/road that is for non-motorised transport; ie. Feet, Bikes, mobility scooters are ok. This will connect important places such as the Maltings, the Hospital, UCA and the Health Centre plus more. Apparently in a flourish this has been approved and work has started on the signs. But, the signs are all wrong. However, they really need to launch this with bit of a fanfare before elections. So, we all came up with an idea that there should be a sponsored ‘journey’ by any means of transport (the more varied the better) along the 3 mile route. This will give the message of the means of transport without having to have the signs in place.

Paul Whewhell: shared his interest in growing communities and ‘Greening’ processes. He wants to set up a cooperatively run grocery box scheme that is based around local food. He’d really like to gather people who want to take the project on. He shared with us a process called ‘Greening” which he has studied in London. We gave him some ideas such as: targeting farmers who might want to join in, doing a small-scale trial, posting a notice on this website and others in order to recruit keen people who might want to join the project. We thought it wise to focus on the project rather than the whole ‘greening’ process as there was potentially a confusion with Transition Town.

Caspar Gray: wants to start working on ideas for ‘real uncompromising sustainability’. Without going into doom and gloom mode, he’d like to think seriously about living sustainably and by than he means ‘not just switching the lights off’ – and doing this within the real community rather than living off-grid. John recommended having a look at Findhorn. A few people are interested in this becoming a break-out group and developing ideas future and monitoring the experience.

John Hughes: has been outreaching around Farnham.. starting with Castle Street Association and South Farnham School. I seem to remember that we wanted to be able to edit the pdf Finn put up on the ‘outreach’ section.

Finally: the meeting room and the key, milk etc. We have more or less decided that when Jonathan is happy for us to vacate the room (for example he has a new group who want the space) we will go back to The Barn in central Farnham. We are all keen to honour the commitment Jonathan has shown to us by lending us this space. In the meantime whoever is chairing the meeting should find pick up the key (or find someone) from the office, bring milk & biscuits and open up. The key can be dropped back with an envelope + the donations at the parish office by putting it in the letter box of the parish office. Mr Caspar Gray is to chair the next meeting.


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