Clothes swap party hailed a success story

This from today’s Farnham Herald, dated 13 March:

Transition Town Farnham’s first clothes swap party proved a success last week with guests getting rid of their unwanted items and going home with something new to wear.

Clothes swap, 5 MarchIn partnership with eco-boutique Purity in Downing Street and local celebrity stylist Chantelle Znideric, the party last Thursday saw around 20 women bringing clothing to pack the rails, from gorgeous evening dressses to denim and blouses.

The women of Farnham were generous in their giving and a good time was had by all, despite competition over some items!

Eloise Grey, an Elstead-based fashion designer who is part of Transition Town Farnham commented: “It went really well. Everyone brought lovely clothes, much of which was designer.

“Some items had more than one taker but everyone was very polite so there was no falling out. We took it in turns to choose one item at a time. After three rounds there was a bit of a free for all.”

The evening also raise £30 for Liberty Foundation, the charity connected to the boutique charity shop Liberty’s in East Street which helps children in Belize.

There are more swaps planned for the future with the next one to be in May called ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ for people to bring along occasion-wear — clothes, hats, bags and shoes for weddings, the races and so on, as this is often the type of clothing that gets worn just once and tehn sits and takes up space in wardrobes for years.

There are also plans to do a kids’ clothes event during the day time.

For more information visit the Transition Town Farnham website at [Click on “What’s Going On” and then “Clothes Swap”]

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