Notes from Monday’s Meeting

Several people were away this week, but those who did turn up still managed to cover eight discussion topics:

> Google Group
> Leaflet for Transition Farnham
> Films
> Garden Share
> Farnham Local Currency
> Charter
> Sustainable Modern Person
> Greening Badshot Lea

Thanks to Casper Gray for chairing the meeting.

Google Group
Context: Whilst the Google Group works well in many ways, most attendees felt that the amount of information can be overwhelming and too time consuming to digest. It is often unclear what information is relevant to different readers and so important information can be easily missed.

Suggestions for improvement:
• Guidelines for posting: Whilst not wanting to make it more complicated to post, it was felt Guidelines that made it easier for readers, to digest numerous postings in a short amount of time, would be in the best interests of Transition Farnham (TF) e.g. “Please write concisely and clearly”
• Organisation: If possible within the Google Group format, a filing structure for posts could be useful.
• “Response Needed”: Need some way of indicating if a response is needed (e.g. a ‘*’ could be put in the Subject title), and also if an urgent response is needed.)

Action: Casper, Joyce and John will create draft guidelines (communicating via email with each other) and post the draft on the Files section of the WordPress site for comments; if possible Eloise, it would be great if you could be involved in the initial stages, as you are the Google Group founder???

Context: It is felt that a TF leaflet is needed so that TF members have something to hand out when talking to people, and so that we can use a similar message.

Suggestions for Improvement:
• Hard-hitting or Soft: There was debate over whether the leaflet should have real info (the scary stuff) or should be more subtle.
• Generic leaflet with an insert: This would give the opportunity to target and changes the tone of the leaflet to resolve the issues of ‘hard-hitting’ or ‘soft’.
• Format: A4 page folded into 3 (quite a standard leaflet format)

Action: Joyce will draft some text, and requests that people email their thoughts for the text to her.

Context: The Maltings can show films released within the last 3 months, and organisations e.g. TF or FLFI could have a stand at the showing.

• Film: Organise a screening of relevant film(s)
• Stand: Have a stand on TF to show the film viewers a way forward.

Action: Jane will arrange a screening but needs ideas for relevant films to suggest to The Maltings.

Garden Share
Context: Farnham Garden Share now has 13 gardens, but only 3 gardeners!

Action: Gardeners need to be found, but this was not discussed in detail.

Farnham Currency
Context: The attendees are interested in the possibilities of a local currency encouraging local trade. The Currency would be backed by Sterling.
• Research: Talk to those who have set-up a local currency already and build on their experience/advice.
• Publicity for TF and Currency: Get in touch with the Farnham Herald and get publicity before approaching banks and shops.
• Approach local shops: Approach local shops to gauge interest.
• Approach banks: Approach banks to investigate printing of currency

Action: John will put some info together and approach Transition Towns who have started local currencies already.

Context: Eloise has put together a Charter on TF members’ intentions/vision/methods etc.

• Good work: Overwhelming support for having a Charter
• Remove negativity: Need to ensure negativity and suggestions of negativity are not read between the lines e.g. anarchy. The group thought “anarchy” should be removed.
• Change the System: We are trying to change the system

Action: Interested people to give specific comments on the latest draft.

Sustainable Modern Person
Context: Even with best practice eco-lifestyles, a person will still have a considerable environmental impact. How can this be truly mitigated/offset, given that the effectiveness of most existing offset schemes is debatable?

• Colour-Eco: Nick at Colour-Eco has done a lot of research into offsetting.

Action: Casper to contact Nick. John is also interested to get involved.

Greening Badshot Lea
Context: Paul is keen to set up a vegetable box scheme in Badshot Lea and is interested to know if TF thinks Greening Badshot Lea is a good idea.

Action: Group was supportive of Paul doing this.

Responses/Actions required
Eloise: Google Group – Are you able to support the development of draft Google Group guidelines, given that you are the Group ‘owner’?
All: Leaflet – Please send thoughts on potential content for the leaflet to Joyce.
All: Charter – Please give further suggestions on the draft.

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4 Responses to Notes from Monday’s Meeting

  1. eloisegrey says:

    Nicci – that’s cool (re designing the leaflet) – I’ll tell Joyce, who is leading this project.

  2. Nicci says:

    Greening Badshot Lea
    As a resident of Badshot Lea and amateur veg grower myself I am really interested in a local veg box scheme Paul. I’ve not go much time, but I would like to help.

  3. Nicci says:

    Re: TTF Leaflet.
    Apologies for not making it to many meetings in 09… but as a practicising Graphic Designer I would be more than happy to design the TTF leaflet and also try to organise some local free/cheap printing.


  4. eloisegrey says:

    Re: the Google Group owner. I am very happy to support the development of our email group guidelines. Following on our ‘behaviours’ principles – whoever has the idea for an initiative is the person who does it (in this case it wasn’t me!). So, if someone is willing to lead this, I’m happy to input. thanks Eloise

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