Why you need to give your input to the Waverley Local Development Forum

waverley-new-logoAs you probably know, Waverley Borough Council is asking for input on its Local Development Framework. This is a collection of documents defining the policies which will shape and guide how the council develops its services in our area between now and 2026.

The draft plan is a good statement of the Council’s laudable aims and objectives. However, it includes no reference at all to one key issue that will dramatically affect its ability to achieve these intended goals — the fact that during their planning period the prices of fossil fuels will rise dramatically, and these fuels will become scarce.

This will dramatically affect the council’s ability to achieve its key priorities.

If you want to know what the council should be doing instead, it has already been spelled out clearly in two reports here and here.

local-government-assocationThe first report is by the Local Government Association, and says “…this report will be of use to all local authorities in demonstrating leadership and stimulating innovations on this most vital of issues.” [bold added]

preparing-for-peak-oil1The second report, called “Local Authorities and the Energy Crisis”, says that “many of the suggested policies can also reduce expenditure almost immediately simply by saving energy.”

If you care about the quality of services which Waverley Borough Council is going to provide to you over the next 10 years… If you would like them to start saving your money now by following the recommendations in these reports, please register to give your input to the framework here.

Or do the same here.

The full links to the two reports are:

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