Transition Town Farnham Guidelines

These ‘Guidelines for How We Work’ were developed by the group as a whole, and signed off at the meeting on Monday 23rd March 2009.

They are not to be confused with…
A) PRINCIPLES (what we believe in) and B) GOALS (what we’re trying to achieve) or C) STRUCTURE (though this may be necessarily related). We may at a later date want to consider a specific approach to FUNDS/MONEY.

The Guidelines we agreed are:

1. If I want to start a project then I can go for it. I will get some feedback from the group, Find the funding, get the support from others in the community.

2. I don’t need permission to act but I need to abide by the principles of the group and be responsible and accountable for what I do and say.

3. I follow our principles & goals; in this I am clear. These can change on a consensus-driven basis.

4. If I’m not getting much response then maybe it’s not the right project, not the right time or a rethink is needed.

5. I have a responsibility to speaking up if the group is not to have a hierarchical approval process. It is very important to question as long as it is respectful, dignified and full of love. We are not an anarchic group.

6. We’re about creating positive visions; let’s avoid scaremongering – we are founded on hope.

7. We don’t tell others what to do. We model a new way of life by the projects we work on and how we live. We are happy to give creative help, share our ideas and provide a forum for others to work out how they can address these issues.

8. One of the most important aspects of what I do is the quality of the relationships I build; between myself and the group and myself and the community. We are a network.

9. Groups evolve and are directly related to projects or themes and may disappear when the project is over. The structure is fluid.

10. I will consider the effect of my work on public perception


About rob simpson

Social entrepreneur developing Community Supported Agriculture Co-operative in west Surrey, UK.
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