Notes from Monday’s meeting

Another smaller meeting this week, but as a couple of people have said there was a really good feeling about it.

This week we focused on seven discussion topics, a practical demonstration, and then announcements and notices:

Click to enlarge> TTF Leaflet
> Guidelines
> Timeline
> Spirituality / Spiritualities
> Transition Together
> Sustainable Modern Person Lifestyle
> TTF Film Festival
> Joyce’s two Original Organics Composters
> Announcements
> Notices

Thanks to John Hughes for chairing the meeting.

Chair next week will be Paul Whewell at the Barn.

(Advance warning: there will be no meeting on Bank Holiday Easter Monday 13 April.)

The following items were discussed:

p1040034TTF Leaflet

Joyce highlighted the value in developing a TTF leaflet. She had a vision of a core leaflet with the basic information, and that we might design various inserts over time as things develop.

Action (All):

Please send your ideas and suggestions to Joyce a.s.a.p. so that she can integrate them and bring a prototype to our next meeting.


Eloise led a group looking at our TTF Guidelines during Open Space. The group had a productive discussion and presented their amendments back to group:

  • Google Mail is a separate issue, not related to Group Meeting Guidelines
  • Clause 4 will be kept but take an adjusted format
  • Clause 6 adds “we are founded on Hope.” – an idea added by Jane

The group then saluted and accepted the guidelines and it was agreed that we will all refer to them as appropriate to guide our group meetings.

Action (All)

Make sure you are familiar with the final version.


Rob raised the need to review our timeline for the Great Unleashing and so on, in order to check that the areas we are focusing on will lead us to where we need to be later in the year and where we hope to be in October. In Open Space this conversation was a thread in the Transition Together / Lifestyle combination, and Rob felt we need to revisit this at a future session soon.

Action (Finn / Rob)

Convene a time to revisit the original timeline charts with actions between now and 2020.

p1040027Spirituality / Spiritualities

Jonathan led an Open Space session exploring how we might design some experiences to promote deep relaxation and a sense of connectedness. Rob and Jonathan had attended a spiritual session at the Maltings on Sunday evening and had both felt the benefit of a powerful song session, started by tibetan bells.

Jonathan reported back his vision of a midsummer bonfire in the old churchyard, and John mentioned that he knew someone that can make fire from sticks and perhaps we could start the fire that way. Finn knew of some group exercises, e.g. count to 20 that could be part of the event.

Jonathan also envisioned an ongoing thread of TTF aimed at relating us firmly to our own space and time – and to engage our internal and spiritual lives as well as the exterior life of our projects.

Action (All)

  • Check availability for Saturday 20 June
  • Purchase Tibetan Bells to signal the start and close of Open Space?

Transition Together

Finn outlined a Totnes initiative that we have the opportunity to join in as a pilot group. The Totnes pilot has 12 people from 7 households who go through various elements – water, wasted, food, energy in a series of meetings (2 hours per fortnight)

Michael Clements was mentioned as a good contact to test interest with the residents associations – and that this would be the best channel for us to test interest in the initiative.


  • Approach Michael Clements re Transition Together (Finn)
  • Include in RA outreach conversations (All)

p1040035Sustainable Modern Person Lifestyle

Casper led an Open Space strand on lifestyle and connected this with Finn’s work around Transition Together, and both groups were also joined by Rob and his timeline session.

TTF Film Festival

John led an Open space session looking at the possibility of a TTF film festival at the Maltings. Jane has already contacted the Maltings re Blood Diamonds and received a very positive response. The Open Space conversation expanded the possibilities, thanks to Harriet and Corinna. Where we show films we can include a discussion group afterwards. We need not limit ourselves to film. John knows a musician with an ecological amplifier system who plays fabulous R & B, so perhaps we could have some kind of concert. Also, we might want to showcase some of the great businesses people in the group have (Eloise, Casper, Cian, others) in some form of groovy session. It was also suggested that we might contact sixth form geography depts and UCCA.

Realistically the festival might be all or part of one or two days, and this needs to be explored


  • John to speak with Maltings and work with Jane and Finn
  • All – please pass any and all ideas to John / Jane

Joyce has purchased 2 x Original Organics p1040032Composters

Joyce bought along her recent purchase of an original organics composter and showed us the magical Bokashi ingredient which enables it to compost cooked food. She paid around £40 for the pair and they were swiftly delivered. Further information:



  • had attended a gathering in Wuppertal, Germany convened by 2 EU Commisioners
  • has been invited to speak at British Science Week during September
  • has sent off the form to make us official
  • has linked with TT Totnes re Transition Together (see above)


  • has made some connections with soil and soul
  • news of some very exciting new cycle routes that would allow continuous cycling from Alice Holt to the South Downs, and another path from Guildford to Shoreham-by-Sea


There will be no TTF meeting on Easter Monday (13 April)

Paul is chairing the meeting next week, which will be at The Barn Cafe.

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One Response to Notes from Monday’s meeting

  1. finnjackson says:

    Dear all,
    Regarding my actions:
    1) I will bring the flipchart rolls for our “Plan for 2009” and “Plan to 2020” to the meeting at the Barn next Monday. Since Rob won’t be there I suggest we have the main discussions the following Monday, 6 April, at the Bourne
    2) The suggestion of Tibetan Bells sounded good to me so I have ordered some.
    3) I have contacted Michael Clements and he is going to send us contact details for all the Farnham Residents Associations. Thanks to Rob for that suggestion!

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