Round up of the Transition week

SUMMARY: Party tomorrow, guidelines and compost, US Presidential Climate Action Project, free product development support, and how to survive a crisis…

The highlight of the week, obviously, is that our second Transition Party will be held tomorrow night. You are warmly invited to come along, bring a partner, bring a friend, bring a little something to eat or drink and we’ll see you there!

So, while other groups around the world will be holding ‘candlelit vigils’ to coincide with Earth Hour, we will be having a candlelit knees up!

(For location details please contact us via the Contact page.)

Otherwise it has been a relatively quiet week this week.

At the meeting on Monday night we finalised and have now published our ‘guidelines‘ that summarise how we work together as a team. Other topics under development include a leaflet describing our work, a film festival, and a Japanese ‘Bokashi’ composter that enables the rat-free composting of even cooked food!

presidential-climate-action-projectOn Tuesday morning Finn Jackson met with Bill Becker, Executive Director of the Presidential Climate Action Project. You can read some of the notes he took in that meeting here, giving insights into the current situation and outlook in the USA.

cfsd_logo_transparent_smallOn Wednesday we announced good news for all business people in the region. Farnham’s Centre for Sustainable Design is now able to provide free support to help businesses develop greener products and services. For more details and to get in touch you can click here.

And finally, you might also like to read the first blog of the week, which brought together two very interesting facts… First, when disaster strikes, it’s the independent thinkers who survive. And second, there’s a town in West Yorkshire that is attempting to become the first in Britain to be self-sufficient in vegetables.

Enjoy your weekend, and we hope to see you tomorrow night!

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