Tesco takes back your packaging

Now here’s some positive news! Tesco is trying out an experiment to see if it can reduce the amount of packaging it uses.

For a trial period of six weeks, starting today, shoppers will be able to leave behind any unwanted/excessive packaging and Tesco will then dispose of it.

A spokesman said, “packaging left by customers at the store will tell us a lot about areas we may need to look at again, as well as where we have got it right.”

They are running the trial at only two stores: Guildford and Ilminster.

Makes me feel like changing where I shop, just to take part!

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3 Responses to Tesco takes back your packaging

  1. Kathryn Brooke says:

    De-canting liquids at checkout is an interesting idea, and probably mostly an issue of space/design. But would it not be possible for manufacturers to create machines that would dispense a certain portion of a liquid, in the same way as automatic drink machines (coffee, tea, hot choc)? Could we not take our own containers to markets or dishing out items from the salad or olive bar?
    At home I use a lot fewer plastic containers to store leftovers and home-made relishes/sauces. Instead I save glass jars of varying sizes. I find them easier to keep clean, and it’s not hard to store them in the back of a cupboard or in a drawer. A leftover pickle jar is just perfect for a batch of home-made yogurt!

  2. Alan says:

    It would be interesting if people were to take their in own glass re-usable bottles and a funnel in to decant their liquids at the checkout!

  3. Paul says:

    Some of Sainsbury’s own packaging now tells you what you can recycle and how.
    e.g. A plastic potato bag can go in with other recycled plastic carrier bags.

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