Round up of the week

This week we are proud to announce the launch of a new page for the Greenways project, led by Tom Lankester. This key initiative, which has been underway for a while, involves more than a dozen local and national organisations. Together they (and we) are promoting a strategic network of routes around Farnham that will be of great benefit for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled users. To find out more and help Tom get the project down the final furlong,  click here.

Other announcements this week are:

This weekend in Elstead, Farnham Transitioner and fashion designer Eloise Grey is hosting a sample show of her organic tweed jackets & coats.

You can come along on Saturday and Sunday and hear all about these sustainably produced fabrics, woven in wool from native-breed sheep (a great model for a transitioned business!). And if you’re in buying mode, the ladies’ stock (sizes 6-18) will be available at a fraction of their retail price.

On Tuesday next week Finn Jackson will be giving a breakfast briefing in Guildford.

The Surrey Economic Partnership has asked him to talk about how businesses will be affected by peak oil and climate change, and what they can do to make themselves more resilient.

The talk is being provided free of charge by the SEP, and you can find more details and book a place here.

atkins-logo1Earlier today (Friday) Finn gave a similar talk at Atkins, the second largest employer in Farnham. This was his third visit to the company and he was again well-received, by an audience of managers and directors. They understood and agreed the importance of the Transition message and have offered to make Atkins expertise available to support appropriate Transition Projects. Several are also now considering how they can get involved in Transition personally (although unfortunately not all of them live in Farnham).

Monday’s meeting talked mainly about our project to create a ‘Sustainable Modern Lifestyle’ and also how we can manage our morale in these difficult times. We are also developing a leaflet promoting Transition Farnham, to which you can give input via our google group, here.

If you missed our party on Saturday, we are sorry we missed you too. But you will be pleased to know that there will be another Transition Party on Saturday 20 June.

It will be midsummer’s eve (nearly!), and something rather special is being planned.

Finally, two other key annoucements:

First, Tescos in Guildford is one of only two sites in the country where they are running an experiment to reduce the amount of packaging they use. Customers will be able to remove any unnecessary packaging as they leave the shop, and leave it behind for Tescos to dispose of. The trial runs for only six weeks, and if I am passing I think I will pop in, just to take part!

And second, tomorrow (Saturday) there is another opportunity to watch the fabulous BBC programme ‘A Farm For the Future‘ at 5:20pm on BBC2.

If you missed it first time round (or even if you didn’t!) this is highly recommended viewing for everyone.

Have a great weekend!

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