Ed Miliband, climate change minister

Here’s an interesting video, that shows our climate change minister talking to Franny Armstrong, director of the Age of Stupid.

Ed talks about how he doesn’t think government can tackle climate change alone. We need the people power of grassroots groups.

He says the only way to convince people to tackle climate change is by combining “climate change fairness” with economic growth.

“Can we continue with capitalism?” the interviewer asks, and he replies it depends “What kind of capitalism?”

What do we consume? How much do we consume? — unexpected questions for a minister to be asking.

He says, “We need to get better at persuading people that it will affect them or their kids or their grandkids… and we need to get better at persuading them that there are things that they can do to make a difference.”

All this, and more, in the video below:

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