Round up of the week

A four-day week this one, and it has gone in a flash!

brighton-and-hove-imageMonday’s meeting focused on the emerging Sustainable Modern Person project, which is fast finding its feet and deciding where to focus. Rob Simpson and Paul Whewell are planning to visit the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership (photo left) which looks very exciting. And we also reviewed progress against our time plan created last year.

Gayle Souter-Brown announced that the Adult Education Centre have given the green light to run her organic vegetable growing courses from September, and she is also working to redesign the garden at Farnham library Museum [sorry for mistake – Ed.].

Alex Scrivens announced that he was now part of the Transition Network Education Working Group, working to promote Transition ideas in schools across the country.

sep_logoOn Tuesday Finn Jackson presented to a packed business audience of over ninety people in Guildford. He described the dramatic impact that climate change and peak oil are going to have on our economy, as well as the outlook for businesses and their critical success factors. He also showed that, if we act fast enough, the changes that aretransition-dorking coming will be an opportunity for businesses, as well as a time for change.

The meeting brought new links to Transition Farnham, including Transition Dorking, and a member of Guildford Borough Council who is very interested in using Transition ideas.

Wednesday brought an invitation to run a version of our successful “Peak Oil for Kids” presentation at Heath End school. Congratulations to Chris Secker for setting that up.

And Thursday brought an invitation to talk to Alice Holt.

Richard Jenkins — the fastest naturally powered human on the planet!Website posts this week include videos of a person travelling at 124mph in a wind-powered car, Ed Miliband talking about Climate Change, and a rather fabulous video of electric sheep, doing very creative things on a Welsh hillside.

Finally, on Wednesday, Rob Hopkins gave a round up of some of the many things that are happening in Transition around the world.

Have a wonderful, and relaxing, Easter!

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