Transition in the (New York) Times

When was the last time you read an article in the Times (or New York Times) that talked about a grassroots movement that had gone from zero to over 150 ‘official’ communities worldwide with virtually zero budget?

On 16 April the New York Times published an article that runs to seven pages on the web. It talks about the Transition movement and specifically how it manifests in Sandpoint, Idaho.

new-york-times“While the UN reported that emissions from automobiles and coal-fired power plants were collecting in brown clouds over 13 Asian and African cities and blocking out the sun… While Iceland’s main banks had crumpled, and American auto executives were about to fly to Washington in private jets to plead for a bailout… the [Transition] folks at the Panida Theater wouldn’t stop clapping.”

I won’t attempt to summarise the article. To do so would leave out too much.

Suffice to say the title of the article is, “The End Is Near! (Yay!)

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