Notes from last night’s meeting

Last night we had a very full meeting, focused around four main topics:

> Introduction/Welcome pack for new members
> Sustainable Modern Lifestyles / “Living Together”
> Energy Independence for Farnham
Energy Independence for Farnham> Pierrepoint Farm

We also had several announcements:

> another clothes swap event happening in May
> the ‘Bricks and Bread’ sustainable living centre opening soon in Aldershot
> the Transition Farnham Leaflet
> meeting the Ladies of Islamabad
> David’s rhubarb glut!
> Hampshire Green Fair
> Bushcraft weekends at East Meon
> May Madrigals
> Secret Garden Festival at Farnham Library

Thanks to Finn Jackson for chairing this meeting.

Casper introduced two new people tonight, Tipu and Louis.

Introduction/Welcome pack for new members:

p1040108Tipu and David (who also joined recently) worked with Finn Jackson to design a welcome pack for new members.

David and Tipu felt the key information they wanted to know about was:

> our vision for Farnham
> then How we are going to get there
> projects we are working on — what they are and stories about what has happened so far
> the need to focus on local rather than regional issues
> how we run meetings
> how we contact each other between meetings

Chatting after the meeting, Finn realised it would also be useful to include the ‘Guidelines for How We Work Together‘, plus ‘Roles of the meeting chair’, plus ‘becoming official’.

ACTION: Finn will pull these together into a document that can be used to brief new joiners on how we got to where we are. This can then evolve over time.

Sustainable Modern Lifestyle / “Living Together”:

p1040110Casper Grey is leading this project. Tonight the group discussed where they should focus first.

The conclusion was that the starting point would be to look at:

> alternative ways of making CO2 calculations
> different offsetting methods
> opportunities to offset CO2 (reducing car use, reforestation, etc…)

Casper called for volunteers to help him with those activities. A few people put up their hands. If you would like to join them contact us.

Ian Bysh introduced the idea of “living together” which was rolled into this discussion topic. He pointed out that we all lived in separate houses, heated individually — we had all cooked separate meals this evening and travelled to the meeting independently… All of which led to a greater usage of energy.

Living together could mean living together literally.

Or it could mean living in separate houses but cooperating more as a community… What would that look like?

We didn’t really have any solutions tonight, but David’s rhubarb, below, could be one answer!

Energy Independence for Farnham:

p1040112Cian Duggan is leading this project. Tonight the group decided that the initial focus will be to develop a webpage.

They decided that the project will focus around two topics:

> using less energy (for heating/cooking etc)
> energy generation

They will look at these issues at three different sizes / scales:

> Small    (eg individual households, scout huts)
> Medium    (eg schools, office blocks)
> Large    (eg ‘parishes’ such as Wrecclesham)

They will look at energy efficiency as well as generation, and will likely incorporate different elements from the ‘Transition Homes ‘ idea which was floated earlier in the year.

ACTION: Cian and the team will work to set up the web page.
ACTION: There is a general call for projects which people would like to be considered under this topic.

And we will see where it goes from there.

FOOD / Pierrepont Farm:

p1040109Jonathan Still led this discussion on Pierrepont Farm, which produces meat and dairy products.

It was agreed that it was worth making contact in order to:

1) link up with the vegetable production that FLFI is pioneering, thereby generating a map of where food is produced locally
2) arrange visits by schools and other youth groups, so they can gain an appreciation of where food comes from

Rob stated that the CPRE is providing funds for mapping local food webs. There is further information about it here:
(It seems Transition Town Haslemere have already started theirs!!)

ACTION: Jonathan will follow up on this.


The following announcements were also made:

> Another Clothes Swap Event:

Eloise Grey annouced that there will be another clothes swap event on Tuesday 5 May. Start time will now be 7:30pm and the format will be as before, except that this time the evening will focus on Wear for Special Occasions — weddings, etc, etc!

> p1040119Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre opening in Aldershot:

Paula Burgess announced that a “Bricks and Bread” sustainable living centre will be opening in Aldershot shortly.

The centre will offer events, information, products and training to enable local people to live, work, and build (eco-houses) more sustainably.

Courses will range from growing and cooking your own food to training to become an approved installer of the products and systems the centre will supply.

If you want more information you can call Trudy Thompson on (01252) 314060 or email her at

> Meet the Ladies of Islamabad:

Jane Still mentioned that there is an opportunity (for women only) to meet the Ladies of Islamabad, at Tilford this Sunday.

The Ladies are a group of modern (and rather fun!) muslim women who are interested to meet other women to talk about living together despite differences in faith.

> Transition Farnham Leaflet:

Joyce Hurd is working to create an updated version of the leaflet.

She asked for input from all project leaders: one sentence describing what their project is about.

Additionally, Cian agreed to provide Joyce with a map of Transition Towns in England/the UK.

ISSUE: we need to decide what contact details we will put in the leaflet.
Louis kindly agreed to set up different email addresses for the different projects for us.

> Rhubarb Glut:

p1040118David announced that he currently has a glut of rhubarb and asked for help in reducing it!

We all agreed to help by taking it off his hands next week.

David (later) asked for any contributions in return, eg Finn’s eggs.

A fine example of Ian’s “Living Together” concept in action!

> Hampshire Green Fair:

Rob Simpson announced that the Hampshire Green Fair 2009 will take place at the Sustainability Centre near East Meon on Sunday 10th May from 10am – 4pm.

> Bushcrafting:

Rob Simpson announced that the  Sustainability Centre near East Meon is running bushcrafting courses and events. (He had a leaflet, though I cannot find a mention on the Sustainabilty Centre website – Ed.)

> May Madrigals:

Jonathan Still announced that May madrigals will again be sung to welcome the spring, on May bank holiday Monday 4th May.

This continues a tradition that has been in place for the last nine years at St Thomas on the Bourne.

The talented singers commence at 10am and will be followed by a bring your own (or bring and share your own) breakfast which in the past has included hot sausages, quails eggs and champagne!

There is no religious element. It is social and celebratory — a very lovely experience and all are welcome.

> Secret Garden Music Festival:

secret-garden-festival-doorOn Saturday 23 May Farnham will be hosting a FREE “secret garden music festival“, hidden away at the bottom of the Library Gardens.

Twenty four bands will play on two stages from 2pm till 10:30pm. They include Irish folk, jazz, blues, rock, electro, acoustic soul, and country music. Check out the website — sounds great!

Beer, wine and soft drinks will be available from the bar. There will also be great food (or bring your own picnic). So come and enjoy a lazy late spring day listening to music from great local musicians.

Entrance is through Farnham Library Gardens, West Street. Music from 2pm.

Collections in aid of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

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  1. Rob Simpson says:

    The website address for the Sustainability Centre is

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