Notes from Monday’s Meeting

Monday’s meeting was chaired by Chris Secker.

It was a smaller meeting than usual, so we worked in a single group to cover:

> Finalising the Welcome Pack
photo-0108> An update on Transition Homes
> Moving projects forward

There were also a number of announcements:

> Electric vehicle charge points in Farnham
> “Grow your own Veg” course on June 20th at Farnham Adult Education
> “Sustainable interiors” course on June 15th, again at Farnham Adult Education centre
> Project updates
> Outreach: University of the 3rd Age (U3A) and Resident Associations
> Standard emails for Contacting Transition Farnham
> Visit to Renewable Energy generation site(s)
> Exploring ‘oil dependency/peak oil’ at Heath End school

and David gave away a load of Rhubarb from his garden!

Thanks to Chris Secker for chairing the meeting.

There is no meeting next week (6 May) because it is a Bank Holiday. No chair has been chosen for the following week (13 May, at St Thomas’) — Volunteers welcome 🙂

Notes from Monday meeting 27 April 2009:

photo-0106Present: Joyce, Tom, Finn, Paul, David, Ian, Chris, Gayle, Cian

Chair: Chris Secker

Open Space was done altogether as a group as only two topics and six people at start.

Welcome Packs:

Finn had produced a four page document outlining what Transition Farnham is, its vision, aims, range of members, ways of working etc.

This was based on input from a couple of new members the previous week, as to what they needed to bring them up-to speed on what they are joining. They wanted to know our vision, aims, what we are doing, how we work together, and generally the key learnings of the group over the past six months — that are important but not always covered in every meeting.

This was generally agreed as a good idea and way forward – a few fine tunings were made to the document, including moving our “How we work together” ground rules plus “How to chair a meeting” into an appendix.

ACTION: Finn to finalise and publish.

Transition Homes Update:photo-0105

Tom apologised for the slow progress in moving forward this project, owing to workload in his day job! He said that part of what he had intended to cover was now being included as part of other projects anyway (eg Sustainable Modern Person, Energy Independence for Farnham, …)

He said that the most important part of the Transition Homes project was to get the mapping section working, so he would now focus on getting that part completed so that it could be used by these other projects and also the Farnham Community Orchards project.

Moving Projects forward:

This led to a discussion about trying to find ways to share the load of projects so that the burden/responsibilities and all jobs associated were not left to the project leaders.

One outcome was that Joyce would like too keep a log of the different skills members of the group/mailing list feel they may have to offer the various projects. Project leaders can then contact Joyce if unsure of where to best look for relevant support for their project. Also it was agreed that if people want support on their projects then if they define what they need then this can be included in our weekly e-mail newsletter (which now goes out to over 100 people).

ACTION – Joyce – to keep a log of skills
ACTION – Project leaders – to let Finn know about requests for help when they arise so can be included in weekly e-mail newsletter.

David gave away a load of Rhubarb from his garden!


o Tom is looking into the potential for Electric vehicle charge points in Farnham. He is talking to various suppliers and Council.

o Gayle is running a one day ‘Grow your own vegetables’ course with the Farnham Adult Education Centre on June 20th. 10-4pm cost £5

o Gayle is also running a ‘Sustainable interiors’ course on June 15th, again at Farnham Adult Education centre and again 10-4pm, cost £5

o Finn pointed out that if people want more help on their projects then keeping Project updates on website is a good way to attract people who would be interested to help.

o Finn also said that he had been too busy to follow up on outreach opportunities to talk to contacts at the University of the 3rd Age (U3A) and Farnham’s numerous Residents Associations. Both of these could be  places where we would find people with the time, interest and energy to support our projects. Ian Bysh, David Hepper and Joyce Hurd all expressed a potential interest.
ACTION – Finn to follow up with Ian, David and Joyce (pass on contacts etc)

o We talked about Louis’ offer to set up standard email addresses for us.
We agreed to go with the “” domain.
ACTION – Project leaders – need to supply Louis with an e-mail contact for website.

o Cian said that he was planning to organise a visit(s) to a renewable energy generating site(s). Ian, David, Finn and Chris all expressed interest in attending.
ACTION – Cian to follow up

o Chris said that he and Alex were in the process of preparing to deliver six lessons exploring ‘oil dependency/peak oil’ to year 8 pupils at Heath End School. This would take place in the week of May 11th. He said he was looking for help to deliver the lessons.
ACTION – ALL – If you interested in getting involved in the lessons, either as a lesson lead or support, please get in contact with Chris who will provide you with more information.

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